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Garage Floor Epoxy Vancouver

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It’s become increasingly common for homeowners to seek epoxy resin flooring in their residential garages, especially due to the desire for a multi-purpose space that has different entertainment and functional purposes. A garage floor epoxy Vancouver is now one of the most popular residential flooring solutions for the space. 

It was important that these spaces stayed clean and comfortable, bringing less dirt into the house, and having a space that is more appropriate for all types of storage needs. Not only that, but an epoxy garage floor is also great for a sports space or entertainment space.

Because epoxy has such a good-looking finish that is durable and clean, it’s not a surprise that consumers decided to look into Vancouver flooring companies that could help with an epoxy finish. 

Epoxy resin flooring is very comfortable to walk on, as well as elegant and easy to maintain in the long term. This is especially popular for homes that are in newer developments or for those that want to transform their old concrete garage floor into a new space for their residential property that they could show off and enjoy. 

An epoxy garage floor is also great for wear-ability, chemical resistance, spills, and any damage caused by traffic or machinery.If your garage is older, the concrete can also be effectively rejuvenated by covering defects in old slabs with epoxy fillers before the coating is laid down. 

Epoxy mortar can also repair even the deepest of cracks. You won’t have to worry about slipping and falling either, because an epoxy coating can be applied to make it even more slip resistant. 


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Epoxy garage floors first became popular when garages went from just being a place of storage to a place that you can comfortably store expensive or restored vehicles, and this was made popular by people that were car enthusiasts.

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Garage Floor Epoxy Vancouver | Swift Epoxy Flooring

It’s possible to have an epoxy garage floor installed in both older or newer homes. If you recently had concrete installed in your garage, you should wait for the concrete to cure for a minimum of 30 days before adding the epoxy floor coating. This can be minimized with a concrete vapor control primer, so discuss your concrete needs with us. An older floor can be prepared for epoxy floor installation as usual, as long as there are no serious structural issues with the original flooring.

Preparation For Epoxy Floor

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It’s not an extremely tedious process to prepare for Epoxy garage floor installation, but vapor transmission rate testing should be done to ensure that the coating will bond the way it needs to. If the level of vapor transmission is high, an epoxy vapor prime coat can be applied. It’s beneficial to ensure that these things are taken care of in advance so that you don’t have any issues with your epoxy floor installation later, and Swift Epoxy Flooring will be there with you every step of the way. 

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There are a variety of benefits that come along with an epoxy garage floor, ranging from maintenance to application. We’ll discuss some of those in this section so that you can decide if an epoxy floor installation is the right choice for your residence. 

Cleaning and Maintenance

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An garage floor epoxy Vancouver is very easy to maintain and keep clean over the years. There are virtually no flooring finishes that offer the ease of maintenance and cleaning that epoxy does. Of course, you should clean regularly, such as vacuuming or sweeping the surface and rising with water or cleaners, just so that you minimize any damages from dirt or larger particles. That’s true of anything within our home. 

If you have a lot of heavy-duty activities going on in your garage, you may need to do a bit more cleaning now and then. For instance, if you have vehicle maintenance done in your garage and you spill oil or brake fluid, it’s better to clean that up before it sets for a long period of time. You can also clean up any slush or salt drippings with a soft push-bush or vacuum, or if you want a bit more of a deep clean, you can do a light power wash.

When there is a big spill of something like gasoline, oil, or grease, it’s a good idea to use a stronger product to de-grease the floor or use a heavy cleaner to make sure that it gets wiped away. Make sure that the cleaner is suited for an epoxy garage floor, such as a non-caustic cleaner.

Because there is an increasing number of safe, green cleaning products, you may want to consider one of those as they are great options to keep your floor in great shape and also minimize your impact on the environment. 

Retail Flooring

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Retail flooring needs to be up to the task of heavy loads, frequent foot traffic, and spills. Our commercial epoxy floor coating withstands these high demands by creating a seamless, slip-resistant, and durable flooring solution that’s as attractive as it is tough.

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Better Than Paint

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Paint can sometimes be a bit cheaper than an epoxy garage floor, but over time, it will end up costing you more. It won’t fill crafts, and it ultimately has a very short usage life that comes nowhere near the longevity that you’ll enjoy with a true epoxy garage floor. 

After Swift Epoxy Flooring does the inspection and preps your garage for epoxy floor installation, you’ll see that your decision was worth it— epoxy will protect your floor and make sure that it lasts for years and years. We can guarantee that with over 25 years in the business

Colors and Patterns

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One of the biggest benefits about garage floor epoxy Vancouver is that they are highly customizable, making them great for aesthetics and adding your own personal flair. There are many different colors available, as well as different colored flakes that make a big statement for your property.

Not only do these customizable features add a new look to your garage, but they also have the same durability and longevity as a typical epoxy resin coating. They still remain resistant to chemicals and cleaners, and it makes maintenance and cleaning a breeze, adding to the popularity of an epoxy garage floor as your home flooring solution. It doesn’t have to have just one look! Swift Epoxy Flooring can partner with you to find the aesthetic that you’re looking for and bring it to life. 

Very Quick Application


The standard application process for an garage floor epoxy Vancouver is three days. The first day is used for patching and detail work as well as the first epoxy prime coat. The second two days will be used for additional coating.

The coats of epoxy must cure overnight, which is why the process is done over a few days. Once that’s finished, the final topcoat will be laid down.This application process, according to our years of experience, is the best for all aspects— longevity, durability, and appearance. We care more about quality than rushing through a job to get onto the next one, and we want your epoxy garage floor to last for as long as it possibly can. The quality of our work and your satisfaction is our top priority.