How to pick the right epoxy color for your garage or basement

3 Reasons Metallic Epoxy Flooring Is Best For Your Space | Swift Epoxy Flooring

Choosing the Best Epoxy Color Floor For Your Garage or Basement

Swift Epoxy Flooring Advantages

If you are not satisfied with a plain cement floor in your garage or basement, you can consider improving the finish with an epoxy floor. Epoxy flooring is durable, water-proof, and versatile. This poured floor paint offers many choices of color and pattern as it adds dimension and beauty to the cement basement or garage floor. Epoxy floor paint protects the floor from moisture, stains, and other damage. On a garage floor, epoxy floor coating prevents oil from being absorbed and resists the corrosion from rock salt.

Used on a basement floor, epoxy floor coating is resilient, strong, and attractive with its multiple color and design options. This flooring choice can be made to coordinate with any decor style and color scheme.

Make a Garage to be Proud of

Take the same pride in your garage floor as you do in your vehicles by giving them a beautiful floor to be displayed on. The untreated cement floor can be used as the base for Swift Epoxy Flooring’s epoxy floor coating. While the untreated cement floor is not impervious to contaminants like motor oil, automotive fluids, and other contaminants, it does act as a sponge for moisture and outgassing. These chemicals and stains can be tracked into the house from the garage damaging floors and carpets.

In addition, a beautiful car does not look as special when parked on a cement floor with cracks, stains, and a dull, dingy look. Adding an epoxy finish will make your garage a better backdrop for that special car.

Choosing the Correct Paint Color for the Garage Floor

Swift Epoxy Flooring has a variety of color options to allow you to match your car color or coordinate the floor color with the decor of the garage. There are colors from white to black and many colors in between. When choosing the perfect garage floor color, note that white or darker paint colors may show dirt and dust more than other colors and would require sweeping or cleaning more often. Epoxy floors are so easy to clean, that this should not limit your color choices. The drama of dark colors such as black, dark grey, cobalt blue, or hunter green is worth the extra cleaning.

You can go for more dramatic effects with Swift Epoxy Flooring’s metallic or pearl effect epoxy finishes. Once the perfect color is chosen and applied, you can improve the rest of the garage. Your garage can be the nicest one in the neighborhood.

Choosing the Correct Paint Color for the Garage Floor | Swift Epoxy Flooring

A Basement Makeover

Swift Epoxy Flooring is also a great choice for basement floors. If there is a possibility of water damage in the basement, consider a waterproof epoxy floor rather than carpet or wood which will be ruined by water issues. Epoxy flooring is a hard surface flooring like vinyl or ceramic tile, but that can be taken care of with a few well-placed area rugs. Area rugs will also add softness, sound dampening, and warmth to a finished basement room.

Applying a good quality epoxy floor finish is a good first step in recovering a basement from water damage or doing a needed basement finishing and decorating project. Note that epoxy flooring will make a basement floor impervious to many types of stains.

Choosing the Perfect Color For the Basement Floor

Why not transform a tired, unattractive basement into a fun child’s play area, family room, entertainment center, or spare bedroom with the addition of an epoxy floor and other finishing touches? The right color epoxy flooring will add warmth, character, depth, and visual interest when paired with good decorating choices. Colors can look different depending on the lighting, wall finishes, and other decor choices. Cool colors like blue and green will have a natural, calming effect and warm colors such as yellow, red, or orange will add vibrant energy to a room.

Metallic or pearl effect colors give a more sophisticated look to the room. Don’t forget that you do not have to stick with one color, you can use several colors to create different spaces or fun patterns in the basement living space. Your imagination is the only limit to what you can do with epoxy paint finishes. Epoxy paint finishes are poured so you do not have to worry about cutting the right size, seams, or out of square walls. The epoxy paint adjusts to the spaces easily. Epoxy paint finishes are durable and very long-lasting.

Talk to one of our local Vancouver experts to find out how our epoxy floor finishes can improve and protect your garage or basement floor. Epoxy floors are long-lasting and easy to clean. Call us today to get the process started.


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