How to Prevent Yellowing With Epoxy Flooring

How to Prevent Yellowing With Epoxy Flooring - Swift Epoxy Flooring

Epoxy flooring is popular for garage flooring with builders and homeowners. There are many reasons to choose epoxy flooring. It is more durable and chip-resistant than most other types of garage flooring including sheet goods and tiles. Epoxy flooring can be more affordable than other garage floors.

In addition, builders and homeowners have found that epoxy flooring is very strong. This is because it is constructed with multiple layers of industrial-grade resins and hardeners. Epoxy flooring can withstand the weight of heavy cabinets and equipment, containers, and vehicles and still last for years before being replaced.

Homeowners and builders choose epoxy flooring because of its strength and durability. We get asked if this type of flooring will yellow over time. If it does yellow, what can be done to reverse it?

Humidity Can Determine Which Flooring Will Perform Best in Your Setting

In epoxy floors, some yellowing is a natural process and should not be a cause for concern. The yellowing process does not mean the epoxy flooring is damaged or breaking down. It is a chemical reaction when resins are exposed to environmental forces such as light and heat. Epoxy floors that are made up of resin materials that are past their natural expiration date might show yellowing more quickly.

When considering a contractor for installing an epoxy floor, be sure and insist on materials within their best use-by date. Purchase the epoxy flooring from well-respected contractors such as Swift Epoxy Flooring in Vancouver, BC.

Some conditions that accelerate yellowing in epoxy floors include:

  • UV light exposure such as direct sunlight can speed up yellowing.
  • Exposure to excessive heat can make epoxy floors yellow more quickly.
  • Exposure to water on a regular basis or standing water can contribute to yellowing.

How to Prevent or Delay Yellowing

Property owners can take steps to delay or limit yellowing in epoxy floors. There are coatings to use on the new epoxy floor that will prevent yellowing. This is a clear, aliphatic, or non-yellowing, UV-resistant urethane sealer. This concrete coating can be part of the installation process, or it can be added later.

To add this coat, it is important to clean the epoxy floor to remove all traces of grease, dirt, and oil and thoroughly dry the floor. It is also helpful to dull the floor with a diamond grinder or sander. This will ensure a smoother finish. Next, apply the topcoat in an even, smooth layer and let dry thoroughly before using. This topcoat will slow down the yellowing process and help prevent staining and fading.

Additional Steps To Take To Slow Down Yellowing

By being proactive, a person can prevent or slow down yellowing.

  • Choose dark colors or colors that already contain heavy yellow pigments such as yellow or green.
  • Do not use cleaning products on epoxy floors that contain citrus or vinegar. These acidic cleaning ingredients will damage the gloss finish over time causing yellowing.
  • Avoid cleaners with a soap base because they will leave streaks and a hazy film on the epoxy gloss surface. This film will be hard to remove.

When choosing any type of epoxy flooring, plan on using only safe cleaners that will not damage the surface of the floor or corrode and destroy the natural gloss surface of the epoxy. Ask the epoxy floor supplier and installer for safe cleaning agents and care instructions to keep your new floor strong and durable.

Shop Carefully For Epoxy Flooring For Your Garage

Since the success of any epoxy floor depends on quality resins and expert installation, stick with the best providers such as Swift Epoxy Flooring Vancouver. By speaking with us, you will find all the newest epoxy products available along with color and pattern choices. Epoxy flooring comes in a variety of thicknesses and strengths including industrial-grade, heavy-duty epoxy floors. This high-quality flooring is available in designer styles and colors.

At Swift Epoxy Flooring Vancouver, we will assist you in the choice of the epoxy flooring that will be right for your space and conditions. The amount of traffic and the other activities and conditions for the garage or other space will dictate the final choice of epoxy flooring you choose. Your color preferences and the other design elements present in the space will dictate the color or color combination for the floor.

Contact Swift Epoxy Flooring Vancouver for more information about epoxy floors and how they can work for you. We will talk to you and suggest ways to use epoxy flooring in your space. A careful choice of epoxy flooring will prove to be an excellent investment and the floor will last many years.


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