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Urethane Cement In Vancouver

Urethane Cement In Vancouver | Swift Epoxy Flooring

One of the biggest advantages of urethane cement in Vancouver floor coating is the tolerance of moisture transmission. This means that we can install the coating over concrete that was freshly poured, and even avoid the necessity of an epoxy vapor guard. 

Urethane cement systems can stand strong against thermal shock and high impact, which means it’s an optimal solution for kitchen floors, mezzanine areas, auto service bays, food storage areas, and anywhere that has forklift traffic


The most durable flooring solution that Swift Epoxy Flooring can offer, urethane cement is designed for even the most challenging, harsh environments.

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There are many different benefits to urethane cement coatings and systems, and we’ll outline four of the main ones in the following sections. Want to know more about our professional showroom flooring? We have all you need to know down below.

Easy Installation
DIRECTLY to Concrete

An Investment
Easy Installation DIRECTLY to Concrete | Swift Epoxy Flooring

Unlike other epoxy floor solutions, urethane cement floor installation can be applied directly to the concrete without a primer or topcoat. It doesn’t necessarily mean that the original concrete must be torn up. 

The application of urethane cement flooring is very straightforward. It can be done with a trowel and is applied via roller. The thickness of the coating will be adjusted based on the needs of the space that it will be applied to. 

Durable with Elevated
Aesthetic Appeal

Good for Business
Durable with Elevated Aesthetic Appeal | Swift Epoxy Flooring

The ability to combine urethane cement with pigmented topcoats, primers, decorative elements, additives, and other colorful additions can provide a 3-D presentation that matches any type of aesthetic that you’re going for. That means you can enjoy both appearance and durability with no issue. 

The long lifetime of our epoxy floor coating makes the lifecycle cost of the flooring system much lower than other forms of traditional flooring that needs to be refinished ever 3-5 years.




Background on Urethane Cement Coatings

Guaranteed Quality
Background on Urethane Cement Coatings | Swift Epoxy Flooring

A mixture of polymer binder known as urethane and concrete, the individual elements of urethane cement coatings have great strength. 

When they are combined, the urethane cement coating mixes together the pure strength of cement, the stronger structural composition from the aggregate, as well as the durability of the polymeric elements in urethane. This creates one of the most tough and resistant flooring options out there. 

Easy Cleaning and Maintenance

Easy Cleaning and Maintenance | Swift Epoxy Flooring

Urethane cement flooring systems are very easy to clean because they have self-leveling properties that cure to create a smooth surface.

When applied to a floor, there are virtually no other actions needed on behalf of the installation team. It also doesn’t require a topcoat, which saves time. The smoothness of urethane cement flooring is great for sanitizing and cleaning. 

There are no big maintenance points, either. It’s as simple as cleaning any other flooring, and you likely don’t need any harsh chemicals. Urethane cement flooring can withstand all different types of harsh environments and its performance will remain unaffected even in the most extreme of environments. 

Resistant to Chemicals, Moisture & Thermal

Resistant to Chemicals, Moisture & Thermal | Swift Epoxy Flooring

☑ Regular cement, due to its extremely porous nature, sometimes facilitates bacterial growth. It’s also rather brittle at times. This is avoided with urethane cement coating

☑ Standard epoxy flooring is extremely durable and strong for all different types of environments, but doesn’t quite achieve the extreme tolerance to any harsh environments that urethane cement flooring offers 

☑ Urethane cement coating is INCREDIBLY resistant to moisture and vapor transmission, as well as chemicals and thermal shock. This means that when it’s applied to flooring, it can withstand even the most daunting and harsh environments of any commercial, residential, or industrial space

Retail Flooring

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Retail flooring needs to be up to the task of heavy loads, frequent foot traffic, and spills. Our commercial epoxy floor coating withstands these high demands by creating a seamless, slip-resistant, and durable flooring solution that’s as attractive as it is tough.

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