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Basement Epoxy Flooring Vancouver

Basement Epoxy Flooring Vancouver | Swift Epoxy Flooring

Basements are typically the space that’s the most ignored in our home. They’re normally pretty dark, dingy, and not a place that we seek out to spend time. Basement floors are also prone to be in pretty rough shape, with cracks and stains that make them difficult to navigate and look quite bad. Despite any efforts from homeowners to make their basements neat and clean, it’s quite tough. In reality, it’s well worth it, as basements can be the perfect space for projects, entertainment, as well as effective storage and cost-effective living quarters. SO, consider basement epoxy flooring Vancouver.

Although carpeting was a popular option for basement flooring, it was ultimately determined to be rather impractical with humidity, flooding, and/or vapor transmission. Not only that, carpet isn’t cheap, and for it to simply get ruined was virtually a nightmare. Imagine spending thousands of dollars on carpet for it to become full of mold, stains, and irrevocable debris that not even a vacuum could remove! 

Other options such as linoleum, vinyl tile, and wooden floors are no better nor cheaper. They are quite pricey and come along with difficult installation. They’re also all prone to staining, mold, mildew, as well as cleaning issues. 


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It wasn’t uncommon back in the day for the basement to be considered a place where nobody wanted to go — it was scary and potentially dangerous! Filled with spider webs and furniture that had seen better days, it was best avoided. Scrap that old basement vibe and give yourself an additional functional space suited for laundry, storage, or anything else you can come up with! 

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Another great thing for your peace of mind is that you won’t have to deal with any unbroken coverage or bacterial growth in your epoxy resin flooring. Unlike other floor types, bacteria cannot find a home within epoxy, eliminating the appearance of mold, mildew, and other festering. 
In addition, epoxy resin flooring is odor-resistant and will withstand vapors.

There are no gaps or cracks where dust and debris can accumulate over time, which is also better for maintenance as well as your health and breathing. Now, with basement epoxy flooring Vancouver installation, you can have a basement floor that holds up against mold, mildew, stains, and is easy to clean and maintain so that your space doesn’t convert itself into a dark, spooky place like in the old days.

Longevity & Durability 


Unlike other Vancouver flooring companies and the solutions we mentioned above, epoxy coating will offer you a durable basement floor that will last through all of the wear and tear that you need it to. It can handle all types of equipment, toys, work use, foot traffic, pets, accidents, dropped tools, toppled boxes, and so much more! 

Epoxy resin flooring is resistant to abrasions and impacts, and it’s also kid-proof (and adult-proof!) in that it has a strong slip resistance that’s essential for the safety of your family and visitors. Not only that, you can keep it sparkling clean without taking too much time or attention away from the busy, on-the-go lifestyle that so many of us have in today’s world. 


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Not only are epoxy basement floors easy to maintain and clean, they’re also stunning. You can choose from a variety of solid base colors and add in decorative elements or flakes to give your basement floor a look that suits your home and your personal aesthetic. Now, with epoxy floor installation, you can have a basement floor that holds up against mold, mildew, stains, and is easy to clean and maintain so that your space doesn’t convert itself into a dark, spooky place like in the old days.

Even with these elements, your epoxy floor installation will last years and years through any usage with simple, routine maintenance, as seen above. Other flooring solutions offer you one option for all limiting their versatility. Basement epoxy flooring Vancouver can truly be installed to fit whatever space is being used for.

Greasy or Oily Spills Resistant

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If you find that your basement is fraught with greasy or oily spots, you can use a de-greasing cleaning solution. Most cleaning solutions are no problem, but it’s a good idea to check the label before applying it to ensure there are no caustic ingredients that can cause micro-abrasions to your floor. This would make it harder to clean your floor over time. 

Even if the grease or oil doesn’t come off on the first try, don’t worry. You may need a couple of applications, a final cleaning and rinse, and then your floor will be back to its shiny self! 

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Another good thing about epoxy floors is that they are resistant to spills that can stick to the surface, but it’s a good idea to get them off as soon as possible so that you don’t have to deal with any heavy-duty cleaning to remove them once they’re completely dried on. Don’t use any abrasive or caustic cleaners to remove these spills. You can:

Consider Using a clean mop to rinse the surface completely and let it dry. Otherwise there might remain stains.Also, Clean up the spill as soon as possible.

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There are numerous benefits to an epoxy basement floor, and we’re going to outline the top four of them here so you know what you can look forward to after your epoxy floor installation with Swift Epoxy Flooring. 



In order to maintain your epoxy resin flooring, there are a few simple things you can do, and it’s very straightforward. 
For standard cleaning, you’ll do the following things, and you won’t even break a sweat: 
     ☑ Use a Swifter or soft bristle push, or even a regular broom, to brush off dirt, dust, and other substances. You can also use a vacuum. 
     ☑ You could then use a mop and a light cleaner that is non-caustic to give it a finishing touch. A light dish soap with warm water can do the trick. SO, very easy to clean the basement epoxy flooring Vancouver.

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Retail flooring needs to be up to the task of heavy loads, frequent foot traffic, and spills. Our commercial epoxy floor coating withstands these high demands by creating a seamless, slip-resistant, and durable flooring solution that’s as attractive as it is tough.

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Epoxy Floor Coating for Basements


In reality, the basement of a home is a multi-functional area that can serve many diverse purposes, so it shouldn’t be wasted. It deserves some of the TLC that we give to any of the other rooms and spaces in our homes. 
It does have its particularities, though, that require durability, easy to keep clean, as well as the ability to prevent staining and abrasions. Why? 
The basement in today’s modern home is used for many different activities: 

     ☑ How much stuff do you have? Because the basement is a top candidate for storage, there has to be a spot allocated for keeping things over time. 
     ☑ Do you do laundry? It’s common that the basement has an area separated for laundry 
     ☑ Looking for a play space for your kids, or a place to spend time with the family? The basement can serve as this as well 
     ☑ Doing some projects? The basement is a great place to get to work. 
     ☑ Homeowner repair and DIY projects can also take place in the basement, as with any hobbies that need a type of “shop” area.

All of these reasons show why your basement is a valuable piece of space on your property and adding an epoxy floor installation will ensure that it stands the test of time and will be ready for any type of task that you throw at it. 

Epoxy Floor Installations: Prep and Application 

Epoxy Flooring Vancouver

Compared to other Vancouver flooring companies and the variety of solutions they offer, our Swift Epoxy Flooring epoxy floor installation is a very quick and easy process that we’ve done an uncountable number of times over our 25 years in the industry. No more wasted time with paint and other different types of floor installation.

We will do a thorough inspection and assessment of the basement slab and ensure that it is in prime condition for epoxy coating. Here is the process: 

     ☑ Day 1: Cleaning and diamond grinding the basement will happen so that the epoxy coating will be able to bond effectively
     ☑ Day 2: the concrete vapor control epoxy primer will be applied with two additional applications of epoxy done separately. This is so that the appearance and durability will be enhanced. 
     ☑ Day 3: Once the third day passes, the floor needs to cure for a minimum of 24 hours before foot traffic and up to 72 hours before heavy traffic. 

The epoxy flooring price as well as the durability and flexibility of epoxy resin flooring quickly allowed homeowners to find a solution that would make their basement a functional, usable space and would last for years to come.